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Thursday, January 26, 2012

neutral nursery

So you are having a baby but waiting to find out the gender until birth. Well unless you believe it is bad luck to decorate the nursery until after the baby is born, this may present quite a problem for you. 
How to have a stylish nursery that is neutral without being boring. 

It is all in the accessories. 
Choose neutrals for the base and core pieces 
(this is also valuable if you plan on having multiple children who will share large furniture items or decorative items).
Also remember- your baby will not be offended if it sleeps it's first night on a tan or white crib sheet.
Adding pink and gold accents will increase your glam and girly factor. 
You do not have to do all of these changes, just pick one or two for a little added color. 
Or incorporating blue with your neutral palate would be an easy change as well. 
Or keep the palate gender neutral and create a warm cozy inviting space with natural colors. 

Don't get overwhelmed, your nursery can be an evolving room, just like other places in your house.

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