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Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mentions: Lil Light O Mine

Todays Monday Mention is for a blog called lil light o' mine
Empower Moms & Change Little Lives through Inovation in the Home. 
Lil light o' mine sells products that are made the encourage spiritual growth of your children and household- stylishly. 

The blog is real, as they say, "If you are looking for entries from perfect moms ... this is not your place. We are real and we have problems just like you. This blog is a conversation about a journey called motherhood. We will often share our most glorious moments. And, sometimes we will share our failures. We want you to leave uplifted and empowered but never leave discouraged and unworthy as a mom. We have a variety of women - all who are humbled to share pieces of our story in hopes to uplift."
The blog provides ideas about how to make lasting memories with your family, and encouragement for the day to day for moms.
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