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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wrestling Centerpieces

WD is a Wrestling coach, and this winter his school hosted a tournament, which meant I was hosting in the hospitality room all weekend. I am not sure if you know what a hospitality room is, but it is the room the hosting team provides for the coaches, volunteers, and referees with food, beverages, and a bit of peace and quiet to meet or plan. 
Along with providing some food, I also nominated myself to be in charge of centerpieces. Sports centerpieces are usually pretty easy, but there are not a lot of wrestling toys (unless you are talking about "raslin" which would be southern for WWE.)
So here is what I came up with, Army men, with their weapons cut off (with scissors). I them simulated a wrestling mat on cardboard. To finish they needed a ribbon border.
I displayed them on top of vases in the middle of the tables with a nest of ribbon confetti- but I forgot to take a picture of that.
Total Cost: $2!
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