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Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Mention: That Wife Blog

This blog single-handedly changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really feel it did. 
Spring break of 2010, I had just married the love of my life and we were living in a 900 square foot, one room loft, without (intentionally) a TV . 
WD and I were working in different school systems, so our spring breaks did not line up. He was gone to work the first morning of my vacation, and I was in bed with a cup of coffee and my laptop and decided I wanted to see what was so interesting about reading blogs. 
"...and it all started right then and there..."
I don't remember how, but I stumbled upon That Wife, and she was young, newly married, and an amazing photographer. I started reading, and I was hooked. I started reading the blogs she read, and it lead me all over, and introduced me to The Pioneer Woman- who taught me how to cook. 
Jenna has bravely shared her HONEST struggle with weight loss. As the daughter of an Organic Farmer, she even inspired me to learn more about the food I eat- like watching the documentary Food, Inc. 

She often opens up about her Mormon faith, which has answered many questions about a denomination whose privacy has led to misconceptions. I have some Mormon friends, but we have never been close enough for me to feel comfortable asking faith based questions, and I knew Big Love should not be my window into the Mormon faith (yes, I know the polygamists weren't Mormon, but they do talk about the LDS faith). I appreciate that she bravely and boldly shares her faith. I have found her parenting journey to be very inspiring, not to mention her son is ADORABLE.  She shares recipes, her reclaimed (thrift store) fashions, how she lives on a budget, and how she lives her life intentionally. 
She also made the term "self- taught" socially acceptable to me.
So, basically, I am blogging today because Jenna made me want to share with others my world, my viewpoints, and living a life that is different. I am also trying to break down the barrier of writing only as a stylist, and into writing as Ashley, which is much harder at this point. 
Thank you, Jenna, for inspiring this blog. 
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