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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Mentions: Design Seeds

I think I am drawn to this website/ blog, because this is how I see the world.
I have a somewhat photographic memory, that more often than not, allows me to remember things/places/experiences based on colors. This is especially true in my oldest memories.
WD does not find it helpful when I describe restaurants with, "I loved Cafe Tu Tu Tango. It was all blues and moody, and the bathroom had this awesome double sink with red handles," (not about the food). Or when he asks me where something to find something, and I say, "it's in a drawer, near a yellow piece of paper, and the writing is in blue ink."
I come from a very visual family. I went to art school, which led me to believe this was an acceptable way of communicating with people because I was constantly surrounded by other visual people. I do have some friends who have to remind me that my descriptions do not take what I am seeing in my head and transfer it into their mind.  Sometimes  wish I had a projector for my thoughts! I guess this is why I became and artist, so I could share what I my mind sees with other people.

Design Seeds is an inspirational database of photographs and derived color schemes.

Jessica, the artist/designer behind these beautiful images, wanted to share how she saw the world too.
*All images property of
As usual, this is not a paid advertisement. They do not know who I am. 
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