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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Mention: Artchoo!

I met Jeanette of Artchoo! in one of the Alt classes I took last week, and when I visited her website, I knew I needed to share her with all you super moms out there. As you may know, before WD and I were married, I was an art teacher. I taught 1st- 6th & 9th grade art over the course of 3 years at a Christian school in Atlanta. I loved teaching, but the opportunity was not available when we moved, thus I dusted off my passion for home styling and lept into the big dream that is Bricks & Baubles.
Abstract Painting for Kids K-12 - Everyone wins with abstract art!
How MUCH do I WISH I had Artchoo! in my pocket when I was teaching!? When I started teaching Elementary Art, I didn't know what I was doing. My first day, I sent a whole class of first graders home with their new uniforms covered in paint(...oh yea smocks...) and I had no idea how to translate my just-out-of-college art knowledge into lessons for children. I briefly taught children's classes at an Art Museum when I was in college, but those children came with parents... VERY different than in the classroom.
 Well, if you are an art teacher, or you just have kids around you that love art (which is the chapter of life I am in now) you need to bookmark Artchoo! 
Tiny Portrait Project
Even if you know nothing about art, you can learn while you teach your children. The world around them is a classroom, and there is not enough art education in schools today. Jeanette's instruction is for children and adults, no cheesy craft store junk to clutter your laundry room or pantry (that's where my mom let me display all the junky/ugly/cheesy art.)
Kids Learn Installation Art - Andy Goldsworthy
Did you know art is one of the best ways to build problem solving skills? Don't you wish more people problem solving skills? Not to mention it will just make your kids cooler, more interesting people. 
Tiny Portrait Project
She also posts some amazing, creative Kid's Room Designs. 

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