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Saturday, August 25, 2012

September Sponsors to Support College Girls Bible Study

The proceeds from this month's sponsor ads with directly benefit the Bible study I will be leading for college girls this semester called the Crafty Collegiate. Each week we will have dessert and make a cute Pinterest inspired craft, while we discuss 1 & 2 Peter: Living Through Tough Times. Excerpt below.
Other than just being fun, I think the crafty part of it will help us to build relationships with each other by making it less awkward to open up and talk. In order to be able to mentor these girls and help guide them towards Jesus effectively, I have to have a relationship with them. I don't know about you, but a new environment is much less intimidating with people when we are all doing something together, rather than just sitting in a room and staring at each other. 
I am also hoping the idea of making cute Pinterest crafts may draw in some girls who would otherwise not be interested in a Bible study or church because of it sounding boring, but seeing a bunch of cute bracelets on their friends arms, may open the door for the Holy Spirit to prompt them to want to come to our group. 
So this is where you come in, the money from your ads this month will go directly towards this Bible study group. It will either pay for part/all of the books ($3.11 each) or the crafts we create each week. All sponsors also receive the usual: a post about your blog, and the Big Bricks will receive the post written by me, and either a giveaway spot OR a guest post.

(excerpt from Living Through Tough Times: 1&2 Peter by Michael Kelley)
The Bible is, among other things, a very honest book. Just look through its pages, and you’ll find real people with real problems. You’ll find stories of sin and redemption, death as well as life. This isn’t a book about how to have a better life; this is a book about how to face the brokenness of our world. 
Rather than giving us a road map out of the brokenness, the Bible helps us deal openly and honestly with the real struggles of a sinful world. And whether we recognize it or not, the way we most effectively deal with the brokenness of the world is also the central storyline of the entire Bible. 
And yet, the Bible isn’t a book about you. It’s fundamentally a book about God. The primary question, then, as we approach this unit on living through tough times, isn’t about how you deal with the inevitable pain of life; it’s about what God has and is doing in and through you and the world. This is a particularly important question during difficulties, because it’s during those times that we’re tempted to think God is doing ... well, nothing. We can’t see His work because we are blinded by our circumstances. The books you’ll study over the next several weeks remind us that though we might not see all of what God is up to, He is indeed very busy. And because He is, we can live in faith — even when it hurts to do so. 
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