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Thursday, September 20, 2012


New Glasses!! YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!
A few of you super observant followers have been asking me about the little ad on the side of my page for BONLOOK, well her is why! I LOVE my new glasses, and the company that sent them to me. 
Bonlook specializes in retro inspired frames (you know you love it!) and each pair of prescription glasses is only $99, including the Rx lenses!
Are you nervous about ordering glasses online? Well don't be! They have super advanced 
Not only are you saving tons of money (especially if you don't have optical insurance like us,) but Bonlook is a philanthropic organization too. BonLook supports the ChildSight program in New York, which “brings education into focus” for economically disadvantaged children in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. The program goes directly into targeted schools to provide vision screenings, prescription eyeglasses and ophthalmic referrals as needed to underprivileged students – free of charge. 
Oh and if the children aren't enough, every pair of glasses sent by Bonlook is transported through carbon-neutral shipping methods. What!?! I know, the CO2 emissions are carefully calculated then offset by supporting carbon reducing projects, promoting renewable energy generation, methane capture and combustion, energy efficiency, and climate restoration. Oh and it shipped without the waste of a paper packing slip, filler material, and in a recyclable shipping boxes?
Get this, you can ALSO get prescription SUNGLASSES for $99!!
BonLook General Sunglasses 
So do it for the children, or do it for the planet, but if you are considering a fun, new pair of glasses you should definitely start at Bonlook. 
If you are as pumped up about this as I was when I first heard about Bonlook, 
NOW if you wouldn't mind....
Please will click through to Bonlook from one of the ads on my blog, I can make a tiny bit of commission from your purchase at no cost to you, which would be awesome!
Even Better, sign up for their emails and they will give you $10 off you first order
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