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Monday, November 5, 2012

Style Crashers: Suzannah's Navy Guest Room

I wanted to share Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking bold guest room. Dark walls can be intimidating, but super stylish and dramatic. I wanted to share this room as encouragement to make a bold choice, and go with your gut!
"I tried to make it a chic but still playful and kinda funky gender-neutral space, where our most common guest, my 19 year old little brother in law would feel comfortable staying, but older, more sophisticated relatives ;) also would. The rest of the house is so pale and soft, with some pretty feminine elements, I wanted this room to be a little cooler in my husband’s eyes, too! he puts up with a lot of my décor ideas without complaint. ;) Chandelier in bedroom, peony pink towels in our master bath… haha. I went with navy paint since I love the dramatic look of a dark room but didn’t want to overpower it, so did a lighter navy and only one wall, and of course there’s lots of white and gold to keep things from being cave-like."

Thank you for sharing Savannah!! Please check out Suzannah's awesome blog- you will be inspired I promise!!

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