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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jingle Bells and Squirrel Tails

In the spirit of giving I thought I would share one of my (now) favorite Christmas memories. 
I met my best friend Mallory at the open house in fourth grade. She was new and our mom's hit it off talking about both being from Alabama ("the holy land" as it was referred o in my family). We moved around a LOT when I was little, almost every year over Christmas break, so I knew what it felt like to be the new kid all too well. My mom pulled me over, introduced me to Mallory and her mom. She demanded on the ride home that I be friends with that nice new girl from Alabama- and I guess it stuck since 17 years later, we are still friends. (During 5th grade, we moved two houses up from Mallory's family.)
Mallory and I are VERY different. She always played sports and didn't mind being outside. Loved reading, Jim Carey movies, Auburn Football, and I am pretty sure has NEVER been embarrassed by anything- EVER. She and her older sister Meghan taught me how to not be an overly sensitive only child- which I am eternally grateful for. A skill that would come in very handy as time went on.
Now I am not really sure how to start the story of the year Mallory gave me a dead squirrel for Christmas, but it pretty much sums up our friendship. A squirrel was run over in their driveway one fall, but no one wanted to pick it up, so we watched the circle of life happen to this squirrel as it became snacks for other animals and exposed to the elements. By Christmas it was down to mostly a tail, which then vanished too, just as the rest of the squirrel had. Or so I thought, until Christmas came, and I unwrapped a very exciting Victoria's Secret box! I was giddy with delight as I untied the pink box, pulled back the pink paper to find- THE SQUIRREL TAIL! 
I was reminded of this story because this conversation happened last night on facebook. 

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