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Monday, October 21, 2013

Baby Must Haves- My Favorite Things for the First 5 Months

Some of my favorite posts by other bloggers are product reviews.
So these are a few of my favorite things we have used with Yogi, and why I love them. 

Not only is it super cool looking, and has 5 different rocking patterns, our favorite part is the size. I love how small the footprint is. It takes up about as much space as a dinner chair on the floor, so you can easily move it from room to room if you need to. It also assembles and disassembles so easily we take it apart and travel with it.

Yogi went from total screaming panic at bath time to loving it -instantly- when we introduced the washPOd. He has loved EVERY bath he has taken in the washPOD. Even as a teeny tiny baby he couldn't fall forward easily, so he felt warm and safe like a womb, so no crying. He is still bathing in it... plus you could use it to wash the car or mop with once your babies outgrow it. 

Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets
The. Softest. Baby. Blankets. EVER. The regular ones are nice, but the bamboo ones are amazing. I can roll them up tiny in my purse, and I may rock them as a scarf this fall... don't judge.

Bouncy Seat + Ikea Wooden Baby Gym
This bouncy seat was bought on consignment, but he was quickly bored with the attached toy bar. He LOVEs his Ikea baby gym though. The toys are pretty high for a baby laying on the ground, so the bouncy seat helps him reach them. Sometimes I hang other "stroller toys" from the bar. This is usually where he hangs out when we are eating. 

itzbeen Timer
I used this so much the first few weeks when I had no concept of time, nor the brain capacity to keep up with when I had fed, changed, or put him to sleep. I also used it to keep up with how often I needed to take my pain meds while recovering from birth. It can illuminate in the dark, and even be used as a dim flashlight. It was nice to not have to open an app in the middle of the night or give my phone to whomever was up with him.

Peg Perego Pliko Switch Stroller & Peg Perego Primo Viaggio
My Peg Perego carseat is super safe, which was my biggest concern, and it's cute. I spoke with a carseat expert about which car seats were the safest and this has the same safety standards as the Britex Chaperone- but I liked the PP colors better. It hooks into the Switch stroller when the stroller seat is removed and can face forward or backward. The seat (the green part below) can lay all the way flat, and has a little net that comes up over the snack tray to create a pram. I am a sucker for a baby in a pram, but I wasn't sure how often I would use it as an accessory, so nice to have this one built in. This stroller is super sturdy (as you can see above) and you can balance bags, a grocery basket, or bolts of fabric on the handles and it wont tip over. You can fold it with one hand, and it unfolds quickly. The handles adjust in length, which works well for us because I am 5'8" and WD is 6'3" and we end up kicking most strollers when we walk. It also has a place for a second child to stand and hold on. 

Britex B-Agile

Sleek and Small. Perfect for walks or shopping. It has a great single hand fold and folds up quickly and pretty small. Very easy to navigate on many surfaces. (I plan to jog with it because the front wheel locks, even though it's not a jogging stroller- but I'm not a real runner.)

I have an Ergobaby too, but this has been the easiest to carry Yogi in from birth. I love babywearing, because sometimes your baby wants to be held and you just need to get stuff done, but sometimes it is a little too hot for it in the south in the summer. It touches the ground when you put it on, which grosses me out when I'm in public, so I try and put it on before I leave. 

Air Purifier
This air purifier runs 24/7 in Yogi's room and has since a few weeks before he was born. He almost never has a boogie, but always gets congested when we stay at other people's houses. Our room is next door, which means WD and I also have noticed the benefit of the purifier in our room. 

Rock N Play Sleeper
We borrowed this from my bestie. It was perfect when he was sleeping in our room for the first two months, but also lightweight enough to move around the house when you need to. The angle helped with his reflux, and he still naps in it occasionally when I need to clean his room during nap time.  

Circo Footy Pajamas from Target
They unzip from foot to neck, which means you can unzip just their legs, and do not have to get the baby all the way naked when you change their diaper in the night.  Brilliant!

Miracle Blanket + CoCaLo Perfect Swaddle
Baby Houdini has to have a double hardcore swaddle to stay swaddled. The miracle blanket goes on first, then he is swaddled in the CoCaLo which has strong enough velcro he rarely escapes the combo. I never tried a Woombie, but he was able to get out of every other swaddle by the end of the first month. I know you are going to feel like your baby hates to be swaddled, but they aren't aware of their arms and they flail them around and hit themselves in the face at night, which obviously makes them wake up mad. He has only been sleeping unswaddled for the last two weeks because he wants to suck his thumb, and now sleeps in 2 layers of pajamas and a sleep sack.

Baby Banz Sunglasses and Ear Muffs,
Infants are especially susceptible to hearing damage from loud noises because their skulls are thinner, according to the Women’s and Children’s Health Network. Prolonged or sudden exposure to loud noises [over 80 decibels] can damage parts of the inner ear -- the area responsible for hearing -- such as the outer hair cells, inner hair cells and nerves in the inner ear. Damaging even 1/4 of these cells can cause hearing loss, according to The Children’s Hearing Institute.
I know Yogi will do enough damage to his hearing as a teenager with headphones and car speakers, but he is not even old enough to react and cover his own ears yet. We downloaded a decibel reader app and have found even eating at a restaurant, when you have to raise your voice and lean into the conversation the surrounding sound is usually above 80 db- the level where permanent hearing loss in infants can occur. He wears these to sporting events, church, sometimes in restaurants, and if I feel like listening to loud music in the car.
His sunglasses also help him to be able to see at football games and when we are outdoors. They also keep his eyeballs from getting sunburned. 
 I love all the products I have tried from the Honest Company. I read Healthy Child, Healthy World before I got pregnant, and it changed the way I viewed many everyday products. I HIGHLY recommend it if you are concerned about chemicals and their effect on our health. The author partnered with Jessica Alba to create this line of products. They have a great monthly bundle for diapers and wipes or household products. We receive the household products bundle, because we cloth diaper, but when I travel and have to use disposable diapers, these are my first choice. I also took a pack to the hospital with us. 
(More about Cloth Diapering in the next post)

We also love our video monitorSophie, Mama & Papas Snug, Oball, Sleep Sacks, and Motherlove Nipple Cream (for the first month of nursing- life saver.)

ALSO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make your family get the whooping cough vaccine (preferably at least two weeks before you are due.) The vaccine is good for 10 years and is the same as a tetanus shot. We made anyone who wants to hold our baby get vaccinated. Yes, they will think you are crazy, but babies usually get whooping cough from a family member who does not know they have it (it's often misdiagnosed in adults because the symptoms can appear mild like bronchitis or even a cold.) It is life threatening for a baby and they can't even start getting vaccinated until they are 2 months old, but it takes 3 rounds before they are safe from it.

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