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About Me

My name is Ashley and I am an Auburn University Alumni. I graduated in 2007 with a BA in art. After graduation I became an art teacher and began home styling to help my friends. When my husband and I moved to Alabama three years ago for his job, I gave up teaching art and began pursuing my love of home styling full time along with styling my own first home. We had our first baby in May of this year which has altered my perspective slightly. Although I have the privilege of staying home with little "Yogi," I am still balancing being a wife, homemaker, mommy, and myself.

My jewelry line is available at

This is my husband W.D. 
He is very serious. He loves math and sports, especially when 
the score of his team > the score of the other team.  

He loves lamps.

This is the first love of my life, Mokie.
He helps me write my blog sometimes. 
He's a people pleaser like his mommy, and is very concerned with my fabric selections and whether they are good for napping. 

This is our little girl, Missy Prissy. 
She is miss-chievous, but a very good snuggler. Like her daddy, she is not very opinionated when it comes to home style. They pretty much just trust my decisions. 

I am so glad you came by! Please send me an email if you have any other questions.

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