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Q: What do you mean by home styling?
A: You tell me what you have to work with and I will help make it look stylish. Whether all you have is an empty room in your first apartment, an eclectic mix of previously owned furniture, or the unbridled plans for your forever home, I am here to help it work for you. Depending on your budget I can help you select all new furniture and style the room  like a magazine shoot or we can accessorize and repurpose things you have to give you a new look adding to what you already own. I'll even make suggestion for a wish list... in case you get that big promotion.

Q: My Budget is less than $1000, can you still style my room?
A: It depends on how much of a change you are looking for. If you have no furniture at all, probably not. If you have the basics, and you are willing embrace and repurpose some things, we can make it work. 

Q: I have a basement full of furniture I inherited from my grandma, should I photograph that stuff too?
A: Absolutely! The more we can repurpose from your home, the more fabulous accessories we can buy. Send me pictures of ANYTHING you would consider putting in the room we I am styling. 

Q: What do you want photos of?
A:  ***The room ( all 4 walls), current lighting fixtures, the inside of the closet (if it's empty). ***
**Any furniture you already own, and you are willing to move to a new location. **
Your favorite room (or rooms) in your house. 
Photos of yourself- since I'm getting to know you and all. 
Anything else you think might help me to get to know you and your style. 

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