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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Door Headboard Part 2

you can find part 1 here

So, your door is primed and has been drying for at least a day right?

Budget so far
Door- $40
Kilz- $9

Okay so there wasn't any room left in my budget for buying paint. No worries, I will mix my own. Because my house has a cohesive color scheme throughout, I have paint left over from a few rooms. I chose to tint the dark Aqua from my kitchen to be a lighter shade of blue from my bedding.

This is where I broke the oil- based water based rule I mentioned in the last post. Sometimes I think I am smarter than science. We'll see.

I painted my headboard a pale aqua. This only required one coat, because it was a light color. Darker colors of paint will require more than one coat. You could also add a gloss or sealant afterwords if you would prefer a shinier lacquered finish.

I left the paint to dry for two more days... because I was busy, not because it was necessary. Interior house paint only needs an hour to dry to the touch, and few hours to a day to dry completely.

It was time to add the legs to hold it up to the height I desired. I wanted my headboard to start at the top of my mattress, so I measured 24" from the floor to the top of the mattress. Then I measured 24" on 3 pieces of scrap wood I found in the basement. Each of these pieces started out about 30" tall, so I didn't have to shorten them any.  They can be any height 6+ inches plus the distance to the floor. Thus 30" worked perfectly for my project.
Mark each piece of wood with a line at 24", then mark 3 places in the shape of a triangle to pre drill holes for screws. Always make sure your drill bit is a little smaller than your screws. tip: screws that went through the leg and about half way through the door would have been ideal, but if your screws aren't long enough you can counter sink them with one of these. 

I counter sunk my screws using this drill bit.
Line up your measurement with the bottom of the door and clamp it into place. I attached the pieces of wood to the back of the bottom of the door, like three 24" legs.
lesson 2If you plan on attaching the headboard to the frame, measure the distance between the headboard-attaching-holes in the mattress frame, and make sure to attach the two outermost legs the same distance apart on the door... because obviously they will need to line up to attach... 

Measure up to where the existing holes are in the mattress frame from the ground, and drill holes in the wood at that height to attach the bed to the frame with nuts and bolts. OR you can prop the headboard up between your bed and the wall. lesson 2 learned.

Door: $40
KILZ: $9
Paint: left over= free!
Screws: had them= free!
2x4/ legs: found in basement= free!
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