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Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick and Cheap Wall Art

I am having a couch reupholstered for our living room, so I have procrastinated decorating that side of the room. So there was literally nothing on that wall. It looked weird. Well I am having my friends from work over for a Christmas party, so I knew I couldn't just have and ugly blank wall, but I needed some art fast- like 10 minutes fast.
So I took 2 canvas frames and covered them in raw canvas. You could also start with 2 blank canvases, or cover some outdated art with raw canvas. I then took some sheer silver ribbon and stapled it across like stripes.
Then I hung them on the wall in an interesting way with 2 framed records that were looking for a home.
Wall arrangements, or vignettes look interesting even when the items in the vignette may not be interesting on their own.
Other things you can use: fabric or wrapping paper in a frame to cover some outdated art. Interesting empty frames, or mirrors in an interesting arrangement.
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