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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting Organized... Tackling the coupons and junk drawers

During the time I was unemployed, right after we moved to Alabama, I decided the best way I could contribute to our family would be to become a crazy couponer. I researched different methods and philosophies from some of the great couponers on the web. I started with a well organized binder with millions of clipped coupons organized by type... okay this DID not work for me-
primarily because even though i was using a 5- inch mega binder, I was still not able to keep them contained AND because i was spending 10+ hours a week, it felt like, preparing for a trip to the grocery. Well if the internet did not exist, I could have made due- BUT it does and there are fantastic coupon databases. All of these coupon databases tell you where you can find a coupon by the date it was released. So I realized all I really needed to do was separate the coupons by date, and then when I need the coupon I pull the file and clip the coupon I need. No excess clipping, and then I also don't buy things just because I have a coupon.
Before we moved I had all the coupons in a file box, but stacked file boxes were a little hard to access. I also had all my family files in another box. 
First step to organization in 2012- get the coupons organized. I decided to use the week number instead of the date this time, so I could re-use the folders every year. I labeled the front of the folders January - June, and the backs July- December. This will not only save resources, but most coupons are not valid more than 4-6 months, so this will also help me to keep getting rid of the old expired coupons. 
Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about my couponing philosophies.

Step 2- Tackle the junk drawer and family files. 
 (+ a basket and a drawer full of miscellaneous mail and papers)
I printed all labels in the same cute font called cupid de locke click to download it for free. 
I made files for the bills we pay, household manuals, important receipts, and all the other important documents that needed a safe home. 

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