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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Packing Up Christmas

I know this is offensively late for many of you all who rip down the holly and pull down the tree before your spirits fall again... BUT I was in a little bit of denial about the end of Christmas, so I have used any and all excuses to keep the decorations up thus far. But as of today, Christmas is all packed up at our house, and sadly will be in the attic before bedtime today. 

When packing up Christmas I can upon a bit of a problem. I used those fantastic huge bulbs on my tree. I was very afraid they would shatter and, in doing so, make a tragic mess for next Christmas.
So I came up with this solution.  
I saved these egg crates to pack fragile ornaments (a suggestion I saw on Pinterest), but this turned out to be a much better use of them.
1 giant egg crate per strand of lights and some packing wrap left over from the move. 
Now stacked in a plastic box they will stay safe for the coming months. 
After all, there is nothing stylish about a bunch of shattered bulbs.
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