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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Post Christmas Winter Mantlescape

One of the biggest challenges of January, in conjunction with the post holiday blues, is how to restyle your home. Winter is cold and barren outside, and is hard to translate to your indoor style. 
Two easy options are either a warm and cozy theme, with candles, fuzzy, and soft items that make you feel snuggly. The other alternative is to go with cool, crisp items- metallic, mirrors, and glass all work for this. I pulled a collection of things I already owned. You could also incorporate bare branches, or stone (the branches are from my yard). Remember you can change the combination of things you have already used for a whole new look. 
Styling is about the combination of normal items in an interesting way and does not have to be expensive.
a little cleaner option with the same items.

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