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Saturday, February 11, 2012

DIY Fancy Chalkboard

This post is inspired by a fantastic chalkboard I saw recently in CaraVail's Med Spa, in Auburn, AL
Chalkboards are looking less classroom and more classy these days. (Sorry I couldn't help it!)

 Chalkboard over the mantle...
 Or over the sink, with encouragement where you spend a lot of time.
Or maybe one of these would look better in your space. 

For this project you will need: 
-a canvas ready frame
You can buy these in the framing section of a hobby/ art/ craft supply store or order one online

-a piece of masonite 
Really cheap and thin pressed wood (they make pegboard out of) that is cut to the size of the inside of your frame.
 They will usually do this for free for you at the hardware store if you don't own tools. Make sure you grab the pieces they cut off- you are paying for them as well and might find a use for them in a future craft project.)
Angel Care Masonite Board ACM04
-Some chalkboard paint: purchased or homemade. 

If you do not want your chalkboard  to be classic black, you can use this Martha Stewart recipe to make homemade chalkboard paint. 
1. Paint your precut piece of masonite with chalkboard paint and let it dry well. 
2. Lay the chalkboard in the frame and use tiny headless pin nails, or a staple gun to lock the board into the frame. 
3. Hang or rest on a glamorous easel. 

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