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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen Dreaming

Just a reminder, this is our kitchen when we bought our house in July.
We made some basic imprvements to make it ours. These are the improvements we are willing to live with until we can save up enough cash to renovate the way we want to without debt. 
Remember, this is my kitchen now. Very charmingly adorable, and kitchy... but definately not for everyone. 
We bought our house for many reasons: it's charm, its warmth, its great traditional floor plan, to have a place to grow our family, and to make enough minor improvements to make some money when we sell it. 
I have been kitchen dreaming today, of what it could be. We have bounced back and forth between a total rip down, tear out, rearrange renovation, and a makeover for the exterior keeping the bones the same. I am feeling like this is the more attainable goal. We have real wood cabinets, and the kitchen functions very well when I am cooking. SO here is the dream I have for my kitchen. (My dreams are not paid endorsements, I wish they were- then they might come true a lot faster.)
1. Formica 180 countertops... no not granite. Granite is great and all trendy, but to get a wow factor, you have to buy the really really good stuff. So Formica FX 180 is a laminate countertop that has a HUGE 5ft repeat, which means, my countertops will look real- very real. 2. a Black cast iron sink. No stainless steel sinks for me if I can help it- I HATE cleaning them... also why I have no interest in EVER having a glass cooktop again either.
3. New Cabinet doors. I am still not sure about how we will go about this, refinishing ourselves, or just ordering them.. it will be pretty hard to beat the prices online from what I can tell.
4. Add crown molding to the box above my cabinets to give the illusion of taller ceilings.
5. I know stainless steel is "all the rage," but I am afraid we are on the tail end of the "everyone needs industrial looking appliances," era. Unless the glass window takes up more real estate than the metal, I am going to have a hard time purchasing it. (My feelings were affirmed when I saw a kitchen tonight with my dream appliances on TV... white is coming- just wait and see-, but it is not your mama's white fridge or the stove. WE are talking a glossy white, geometric, with sleek handles. Like the Viking oven above. Unfortunately I don't think my property value can handle a $4000+ oven... but I would rather have that than granite countertops... but neither is going to happen, don't panic- I have not lost my mind. But the sassy Samsung refrigerator-- is a definite maybe!
6. A simple, classic backsplash with a nod to the past, like this penny tile, or a white subway tile... I am feeling a dove gray grout too...just a warning Mamma...

Estimated Before Appliances Budget around $1600
Fridge $1079 (but you know it will go on sale)
Cook Top $419
Double Oven $1500- $2000... if it meets my style standards...
Integrated Cabinet Front Dishwasher $600... or DIY?
But the HUNT is still on....

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