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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Laura's Chair

One of my clients, Laura, recently inherited this chair.

She wanted to get the chair recovered so she asked me to help her pick out the fabric. 
We selected these three fabrics as accents in for her home. 
So our first project is recovering this chair. In this room, she has 2 ecru couches and and her walls are a buff/ tan color with lots of white moldings. Very classic and neutral, a great jumping off point. 
Because of the chairs very traditional lines, the fabric needed to be a modern yet traditional fabric. 
If the chair was in my house, I would have selected the middle floral pattern for a big shazam statement, but for Laura it will work better as throw pillows, curtain accents, napkins, and/ or a runner for the table and buffet. The right fabric is like a natural linen with the ecru stitching. I was afraid the stitching would not work well on a chair because it may pic, or be damaged by buttons on pants. This delicate fabric would also make great curtains, table cloth, or pillows. So we selected the Biscuit gingham for the chair. The traditional fabric will be timeless, but the enlarged pattern is modern at the same time. 
I think it looks fantastic, the geometric fabric shows off the curves of the chair. 
Here is the chair in the room it lives in. Look at that gorgeous buffet! 
 Styling it is the next order of business. 
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