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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Simply Southern Style

To some people, Southern is about the Oak trees, warm breezes, and big white farm houses. To others it may be delicious (often fried) food, magnolia trees, and pastel houses. And unfortunately, to some Southern is rednecks, racism, toothless, & ignorant. 
But to me it is a rustic, traditional charm, that says "come on in, and stay a while;" it is strangers smiling and nodding a friendly hello, and manners that are so ingrained you apologize when someone else bumps into you. It is the big porches that encouraged neighborly relationships, a big ol' kitchens so you can cook (which is the southern language of love) for your friends and families, and an appreciation of history sprinkled into all aspects of your life - including your decorating. 
Southern style can be casual and inviting, or crisp and bright, and I believe Modern Southern Style is when these two contrasting styles collide. It often includes monograms, because your name is your word, which is embrodered, etched, or carved for a sense of permanence.  
How do you view Southern Style?
Provista Designs


My Otterbox iPhone cover from Lipstick Shades.
They also Monogram other home decor items.
Lipstick Shades
Luxury Monogram
This in not a paid endorsement. 

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