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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Studio Tour

Last week I promised a tour of my studio/closet which I have not revealed before.
 This mannequin is my height, so I use her when I am hemming skirts. There are plans to use her as a dress form, too. She is currently modeling my rehearsal dinner dress, which I love, but is too big for me now. 
 This is the desk WD and I built when we moved in. The legs are from Ikea, and the top was a piece of white thermally fused melamine from Home Depot. They cut it to size for me on site, and I had enough left over for the printer side and a shelf (someday). 49" x 97" for $37 and 1 $5 roll of white melamine to seal the edges. It was a MUCH better deal than buying a desk top at Ikea. (Because I made the top SO big, we added 2 big L brackets so the middle wouldn't dip or buckle.)
 Next Project: figure out how to cover up the mess in those plastic drawers.
"Better is one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil 
and chasing after the wind." 
Ecc. 4:6
This painting is a great reminder when I am dressing and feel like I don't have anything to wear - which is obviously not true. It resonated with me the other day when I was overwhelmed with the state of this room, and needed to purge half my wardrobe, so I could feel at peace in this room again.  It is also helpful when I am working and I want to stay up all night, obsessing over a project, to remind myself to focus on what is most important.
These are a few of my favorite things....
I made these silhouettes of WD and me by tracing our profile shadow. I painted the street light across from the art building in college. I adopted this lamp from a thrift store in elementary school. This lamp spurred my 18 year obsession with vintage kitsch. My uncle bids on storage units, like on Storage Wars, and sent me this great box of vintage jewelry he found. A blanket for Mokie to curl up on (he prefers to sleep on the desk while I am working), and a cute frame with cute friends complete my happy space. 

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