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Friday, May 4, 2012

Craving Affordable Dramatic Style

Dramatic style is possible with a small budget and can even be achieved in a temporary space. Have you considered using your walls as gallery space to display sculpture?
Anthropologie Stores; photos collected by EffortlesslyAnthropologie
 Just about every young or creative person I know loves Anthropologie. Even if they do not own a single item from there, they love to walk through the store and browse the carefully curated spaces and products.
In fact, it is the number one requested style description my clients have used to explain the style they would like in their space. 
Anthropologie Stores;  photos collected by  EffortlesslyAnthropologie

I think what we are drawn to most in Anthropologie is the atmosphere. The window displays and walls are just as beautiful as the products they sell. I can't think of any other stores that put as much energy into styling their walls (maybe more)  with things they don't even sell.

So if you are looking to add drama to your walls, or fill a large blank wall with a tiny budget, use a paper sculpture. Here are some links to DIY instructions for Paper Sculpting for Beginners.

Use an old book's pages to create these Pinwheels from The Goods.

Here is another pinwheel Tutorial from WeddingChicks.

This sculpture is made from toilet paper rolls from Design Sponge.

You would not have to sculpt wings, like Simple Joys, but you could use the paper cone sculpting to make other abstract shapes.
Paper+ Pushpins = Paint Free, temporary, dramatic style that is very apartment friendly!
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