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Saturday, May 19, 2012

House Tour: Master Bedroom

Mokie wanted to give you a tour of his room today. He's kind enough to let WD and me sleep here, too. 
I originally draped the wall because there is a window behind the wicker chest and my side of the bed that prevented us from centering the bed on the wall. My Nana made this curtain to go behind my bed in my condo in college. It had a matching shower curtain, so I split that in half and added a panel to either side. It is hung on a really long curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible. 
WD's side of the bed still didn't really have room for a real nightstand, so I opted to hang two floating shelves. The bottom one has an upholstered box for his cell phone charger, eye drops, and such. 
I had a regular nightstand and the chest was in the closet, but since we could not open the lid without pulling it out of the closet, I opted to move it to be my nightstand. That wicker chest is my toy box from my room growing up. It holds the throw pillows at night so we don't have to trip over them (they didn't make it into the box in the closet often because of the hassel. 
I made my headboard out of a door.
3/27 is our anniversary. I have had vignettes of mirrors in every bedroom since my dorm room. I cannot actually look in these mirrors because of this TV, so there is no need for them to be any bigger.
WD won this TV last year for winning second place in our family's weight loss challenge.  
Our dresser is from Ikea. A nice upgrade from the plastic drawers (now in my studio) we were using before. Yes, that is the Amy Butler fabric that is all over my house in the curtain and the throw pillows- what can I say, I love it!
I have a twin size white quilt I use on my side of the bed at night bc WD and I require different levels of warmth.

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