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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Product Review: Citristrip

I was interested in finding a product to strip paint that was not harmful to breathe. I came across this product.
The bottle says:

I purchased these tables for $50 at a flea market to use in an in home styling job with a very limited budget. 
The tops of the tables were damaged, so I started with that first. I spread the product with a putty knife instead of a brush because I did not have a brush I was willing to ruin. It was raining this day, so I was glad the product read "safe for indoor use."

 The product goes on orange and smells like an orange scented cleaner. The smell did linger, but it wasn't irritating. 
 Some areas turned white during the time I was supposed to wait. 
 Using my putty knife I scraped off the goo, and the tables were raw. There were a few small places that needed another layer of Citristrip, but I probably could have left it on longer. 
Make sure you have a place to put the nasty goo you scrape off.
Overall I was VERY impressed with this product. It worked MUCH better than I expected any "safer" product to work. This product was serious, I wouldn't use it in the house with children home, but it was much better than any other paint strippers I have used in the past. 

I was then able to paint the tables for a new fresh look!

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