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Saturday, July 14, 2012

DIY Menswear Pillows

 July 5th was 50% off day at our thrift store. This was the perfect time to snag some old suits for the menswear pillows I needed for the Formal. Rustic. Southern. Living Room. 
 When selecting your thrift suits, pick interesting bold patterns (especially the ones you might not let your man wear) with colors that work in your space.
I selected mostly blazers, but honestly the pants made the easiest pillows because there wasn't as much tailoring. I simple cut these pants off below the knee, hemmed one side, stuffed, then stitched the other side closed as well. Two legs made matching bolsters. 
I tried making button closures for some of the pillows, and others I just whip stitched closed.
You can make your pillow any shape you would like, but the square one required the whole back panel of a large man's blazer. I opened up two sleeves and sewed them together for another smaller square. 
Just remember to PIN First since thicker material can be tricky. 

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