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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

French Knot Tutorial

You know how I have been hand embroidering lately? Well it is time to advance beyond straight lines
French Knots!!

So, I started looking up instructions for french knotting online- followed the instructions diligently.... and no knot. So, in case you have also tried this, and felt a VERY important step is being glazed over, I am going to give you video tutorial (my first ever.)
First of all, I threaded my needle with embroidery thread and knotted it at one end.
In case you can not view this video, I took pictures too. 
Push the needle through the fabric from the bottom. Pull the thread all the way through. 
 Starting with the eye of the needle closest to the fabric/dot,
 loop the thread around the needle twice. 
 The first loop is by the eye, the second closer to the point.
 While holding the thread tightly against the needle and close to the fabric, scoot the point of the needle back towards the dot. 
 Push the needle through,
  then you can let go of the taut end, and pull the thread through. 
TA DA! French Knot!!
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