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Friday, September 7, 2012

Finally, the end is in sight

Last weekend, we started with a creepy, smelly, mildewy dungeon. 
We added the window AC/Heat unit after we cleaned out the space so that we wouldn't suffocate in the Alabama heat. 
Painting began, what I thought would be two coats of Kilz Clean Start (low VOC primer!!)  
If you need a roller extension for ceilings or high walls, you can use a broom or mop handle. They all twist off, and can then be twisted onto the handle of your roller. 
Coat one, still looks very scary. Uh- Oh... this may take longer than expected.
I ran out of paint part of the way through the 3rd coat. I grabbed a can of white paint I had left over from when we painted my cabinets. Oh surprise! That paint was satin, so I need 1 more coat of paint.... ugh
While I was painting, WD ripped out the old rotten door, and replaced it with an exterior door!
What a MAN! 
Then we removed the baseboards, and began to lay the floor. 
More on this hairy process later!
BUT we didn't finish last weekend, so tonight I cracked the whip, and we finally finished the floors. 
I am so proud of my WD, and myself. The room needs one more coat of paint, but I couldn't find my roller outside in the dark, and I was afraid I might find a snake under one of the tarps instead. 
I haven't decided if I am going to leave the room white or paint it a pale mint green.
Right now, I'm liking how fresh and clean it feels, especially since it will be my sewing/painting/styling space.  
Oh and did I mention... the budget for this room was $750... we have only spent $709 (and now this room counts as liveable square footage in our house!)
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