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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vintage Stain Removal

Before you grab the harsh mysterious chemical stain remover, maybe you could try one of these old remedies. If not, they're at least interesting. 
This is an excerpt from the 1924 Good Housekeeping Book on The Business of Housekeeping.

Iron Rust- Apply lemon and salt and hold spot over steam. 

Fruit- Hold stained portion taught over a bowl and pour boiling water on it from a height so that it will strike the fabric with force. 

Coffee and Tea-  Spread the train over a bowl and cover the spot with a paste of borax and cold water. Then pour on it boiling water from a height.

Chocolate- Apply a paste of borax and cold water, then pour boiling water from a height. 

Grass- Wash a stain in cold water without soap. Another method is to rub it with molasses, let stand a few minutes and wash out in warm water. 

Ink- Ink is the most difficult of all stains because one must first identify the variety o ink. For that reason, the commercial eradicators, which may be purchased, we believe the best choice. 

Mildew- This is a living plant which will not grow if light and air can reach the fabric. It may be removed while very fresh with cold water.

Vaseline- Wash a fresh stain with turpentine. Then stain can not be removed after it has been boiled. 

Wagon grease- Rub the stain with lard, keeping a cloth beneath it. Then wash with warm water and soap. 

Hope you find these helpful, especially when removing wagon grease, what a pain that is! 
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