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Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Print done right

Animal print is very tricky in both fashion and home decor. Leopard print is always in style with hookers and on 5th avenue. It can be timeless or trashy. Much like adding a leopard shoe, bag, or the lining of a coat can give a glimpse of glamor, accent pieces in your home can add style while still remaining neutral.
Elle Decor
The combination of the traditional architecture and the muted leopard print feel very glamorous,
 and it makes the stairs seem important. 
Elle Decor
It is interesting to me in these two pictures the color palate is pretty much the same, yet the yellow is almost a neutral in the top one, because of it is primarily monochromatic, and in the one below, the yellow is the accent that draws you in. 
House Beautiful
Mark English Architects

 I just love the purple sofas and chocolate walls accented with the rich leopard chair. 
It just looks so warm and luxe. 
This blue leopard print carpet was in the hotel in Venice I stayed in for my 21st birthday while studying abroad. So although I think the overall decor is a bit much too much, nostalgia drew me to it. 
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