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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Think outside the box.

My husband, WD, and I joined a Bible study at the beginning of the summer with this wonderful couple leading who have a home filled with pictures of themselves in love. Beautiful moments captured and displayed. We got in the car the first night and WD said, "I don't think we have any pictures of ourselves in our home. Is that weird?"..... we really didn't... and yes it was weird. Our house was decorated beautifully, my art was all over the walls, but there were no pictures of us. I think I had always had anxiety over having a house look cheesy, out of date, and I gag at the thought shelves smothering in mismatched frames...

Frames that are monochromatic is the first start. If you don't want to buy new ones, paint the ones you have.
Then hang them in a way that makes a visual impact.

How orderly, yet unexpected!
 This is fabulous. Utilizing the corner Brilliant- especially if your wall space is limited.
This makes it tool intentional too.
Apartment Therapy 
 Floor to ceiling, and all fitted together.
 Very orderly, but the mats and the tight spacing makes it see contemporary.
Evoking Connections
 I like that these all fit within a square, but not perfectly.  Happy Accident Effect
 The tree does it for me in this one...
they may not be family pictures, but it would be great if they were.
 This is the way to do staircase photos... I think i would have to snoop in this house for sure.

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