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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dog Beds

This is CoCo (aka Mokie, Tokie, Tookie... honestly, it's  amazing he knows his name at all)
I adopted Mokie while I was in college, so we were a package deal when WD came into the picture. He sleeps with us most nights, under the covers, like a little snuggle bunny. During the day though, he sleeps in his basket... which is a laundry basket with a pillow and a big soft blanket in it, and an assortment of toys buried in the fluff. 
Needless to say, this is not my favorite part of the living room or master bedroom decor. We have tried other dog beds in the past, but he was just never interested.  This morning I looked out into the bedroom and found him on top of the pile of throw/ decorative pillows that were lying in the floor and it occurred to me maybe I am over thinking this. The solution may not be a slip cover for the basket or to paint it, but to find him something as comfy as the giant pile of pillows. with tutorial
very cottage cute, and casual has a tutorial to make one that looks very similar to the ones above, but I love that the next one feels like a piece of doggy furniture with the great fabric choice and the piping.
 I'll keep you posted on whether we can ween him off the laundry basket. If not, I guess there is a laundry basket slip cover tutorial in my future. 
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