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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DIY Transform a Chair

This is the second transformation these chairs have seen. They were originally oaky wood and had mauve seats. When we moved to the white box apartment, I was desperate for more color in my life, so the chairs were painted chartreuse and the seats recovered with a vintage floral fabric (btw it was way easier to pick the fabric then select the paint based on the fabric, then vice-versa). 
So now in our new house, my dining room gets to be a little more formal, and instead of begin focused on my fiesta ware- my china is the centerpiece. I decided the chairs needed some dressing up. 

Here is what you will need:
-drill or a screwdriver - Spray Paint (preferably indoor/ outdoor or lacquer- it's a little tougher) -STAPLE GUN- Fabric (1 yd/ every 2 seats will give you plenty of wiggle room and maybe an accent pillow) & Scissors

Turn the Chair over to look for the screws that hold the seat on. 
 Use your drill on reverse to remove the screws and the seat should pop off. 
 I took the chairs outside and spray painted them. FYI it took almost 1 can per chair to paint these and get all the green covered.... 2 trips to the store later, better safe than frustrated with 1 chair left. You will use the extra spray paint eventually!!
Oh and WD would like to add- please protect the driveway... otherwise you will have little white halos that are much more noticeable than you think they will be... whoops

Seat Covering Tutorial
Once the paint has dried over night, screw the seats back on- you may need to recruit a helper at this point to hold the seat in place. 

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