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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crocheted Spider Webs and Lacey Halloween Moments

Charlotte's Web by EB White: Illustration by Garth Williams
I remember reading Charlotte's Web in Mrs. Mattox's 3rd grade class. It is such a wonderful story with a terribly sad ending... but right now I am thinking back to how amazed the people were that Charlotte the spider could write words in her web. For some reason in my mind it slipped from spider webs to crochet and lace, and how that could be used in my happy Halloween decorating.
I saw this stocking covered pumpkin in BHG.
Doily RunnerLacy Pumpkins, Lace Pumpkin, Crochet Spider Web
  I'm thinking I will get some paper doilys to make that runner with, since I don't have a plethora of doilies on hand. Maybe I can stock up before next year.... they could be snowflakes for Christmas/ January too!
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