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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Halloween

We don't really do scary, gory Halloween at my house. I personally don't find skulls scary (especially smiley ones), but we aren't really into witches, Satan, zombies, vampires, or anything demonic. Although WD and I are pretty conservative Christians, we do Halloween, but mostly because we are adults and know it is a silly excuse to eat candy, dress up, and be seen... Plus it is just about the only time I can dress Mokie up any more.... 
Here are my little styled Halloween moments in my house. It was a little makeshift, because I didn't budget for Halloween decorations.  So I'm serving skull head in my cake plate...  a little terrarium/ apothecary
jar-esque. Then I ripped up one of my $1 thrift store wreaths to accent it with a little woodsy- I think it needs some fake spider rings, or maybe glitter- not sure yet. AND a glitter spider web doilies everywhere.  
 Then I put my 3 glitter pumpkins ($2.50 each at target) on some of my milk glass. Then I whipped up a felt cat eye mask. It is tied with a big tulle bow, to keep it happy!
Oh and of course the Fiesta Ware to coordinate. I will keep you updated with any improvements. 
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