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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Beach Reads

Last summer while I was nannying my favorite girls in the world, I started reading Mary Kay Andrew's books from our local library. I read through all her books rather quickly because I love how they transported me to this wonderful -oh-so- Southern world of the Georgia coast. I grew up in Georgia, in a suburb of Atlanta, far from the coast. Other than a 4H trip to Jekyll Island in 5th grade, that was far from glamorous (cinderblock cabins with rusty greige bunk beds), I have never been to the Georgia Coast. These books made me long to go there.
Another reason I love Andrew's books is because her main characters are people I wish I was friends with: an antique picker, interior decorators, and their houses are characters as well.
Her newest book Summer Rental is going to be my beach trip read. While I was looking for a cover shot, I stumbled upon a Hooked on Houses post about Mary Kay Andrews house tour in the June issue of BHG. It is fantastic.

View the whole BHG tour here
This is not a paid or sponsored advertisement, Mary Kay Andrews nor Better Homes and Gardens know who I am... 
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