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Monday, October 10, 2011

Laundry Rooms

I've just got to be honest... I don't love doing laundry putting laundry away. My mother LOVEs laundry, she even does other peoples laundry when we stay at their house. I don't mind washing, separating, or even folding, but i always get overwhelmed at putting it away. WD has figured out I handle it all much better if sorts if for me. I often wonder though, maybe I would love it more if I had a stylish laundry room (the new washer and dryer did help... they're so pretty). Above is an example of a modern, streamlined laundry room, and below a warmer french country styled one. Isn't that built in ironing board great!!!

I love that they even use pretty things to hold you laundry needs. And lots of great storage and a place to fold. OH how I need a place to fold!! Wait is that a tiny TV I see too... now that would make Laundry fun!
 I am not even sure I am glamourous enough for this one, but please! This is some Big Dramatic Style. Granite sink and folding table, a TV, those cabinets... Can you imagine what the rest of the house must be like?
Posted:   while procrastinating  doing the laundry.
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