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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inspired Craft Space

Here are some of the inspirations for my studio.
Martha Stewart made this great Craft Space series of furniture available at Home Decorators. Every Piece of this furniture is on my wish list. I love the vertical files for flat artwork and paper. I love the wrapping station. I love the work height where you can stand and work, or use a high stool in the middle. She is such a genius. 

but hey, I am not made of money, so I had to look for a few other options for the time being. I needed to be resourceful. Here are some great affordable inspiration rooms. 
The cubbies, table, and chairs are all available at IKEA = affordable. I have a smaller version of these cubbies from college.
I love that it looks like these pieces could be repurposed from garage sale/ craigslist/ thrift store dining room furniture. This is from Heather Bailey's studio. She is a fabric designer. I love her fabric display. 
I am doing this in my studio, but with cheapy particle board bookshelves. Perfect for storing my canvases. 
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