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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's BAAAAAAaaack

Easing back into Wall Paper (aka "didn't I just spend the last 10 years peeling/scraping this off the walls of my house"). 
So you are not ready for the full wallpaper room (again), maybe you are nervous you will flash back to childhood memories of floor to ceiling English ivy with matching drapes, accent pillows,  and lampshades (oh was that just me?)... or you have experienced the delight of removing wallpaper-- especially wallpaper that was applied incorrectly... seams mended with Elmer's glue, or applied directly to dry wall... UGH. 
BUT you don't want to miss the beauty, drama , and major style moments. Even adding a small amount of wallpaper can make a BIG statement... just easing into this new world. 
Phase 1. small accents of pattern
A slightly bigger commitment than paint- but oh man do I LOVE the way it looks. 
a little glass box
Centsational Girl

Phase 2. monochromatic
Select a larger space maybe even a whole room or just an accent wall, but to keep it controlled the monochromatic effect is very yummy. Quiet and stunning. 
Maureen Bowen
 Phase 3. when you are ready for MORE MORE MORE!
pick a large pattern to keep it modern. I love a bold bathroom. Very unexpected to have such a large statement in such a small room.
Which phase are you in.  

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