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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Living Room Reveal

Welcome to my living room! It doesn't make much sense that the room we spend the MOST time in was the last to really start to come together. I am excited to say it is no longer a source of embarrassment. 

Here is the Fireplace we have been slaving over for the last week or so. 

WD built the shelf last weekend, then I painted it between thunderstorms and tornado. But we went to mount it, and we weren't really sure we were going to be able to hang it and not pull the wall down. 
So in came the legs... which was my plan from the beginning... mwa-ha-ha... 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! It is exactly what I dreamed!!!

These are the drapes I made yesterday, and the chair we just got reupholstered. I loved the olive brocade that was on this chair and it's matching sofa. It was in my Nana's living room when I was little and it was so fancy I wasn't allowed to play in there. Unfortunately as I have said before, they needed updating to work with my wonderful Mid Century house. The couch that goes with this chair is being upholstered this week in coral velour!! I can't wait to show you!
It is all coming right along!

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