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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Styling with Jewelry

I like to be able to see my jewelry, but conventional jewelry displays have never worked for me. I like large bold pieces that don't fit in traditional jewelry storage solutions. I also wanted to be able to see all of the options clearly.
I decided to display my jewelry in a little vignette in my bathroom. 
This is all you need.  A box of cup hooks, and small screw eyes. 

I predrilled each hole, placing the first 3 necklaces that were about the same length. I began adding other necklaces where I felt they fit best. I drilled each hole based on how I wanted the necklace to hang. Just twist the hooks into the little holes. 
Use the cup hooks for necklaces, and the screw eyes for the dangly earrings. I grouped earrings this time, but you could also mix some of the earrings throughout the necklaces. This is my vignette in the apartment. I had a lot more space there. Patching these tiny holes wasn't really a big deal either.
 I am realizing right now that I must have another box of jewelry somewhere... I am missing more than a few of these pieces.
  Now to store the post earrings, watches, rings, and extra pendants. 
These containers are stackable and lined with felty material to keep the fancy jewelry safe. 
I stack the trays and slide them in the cabinet. In the apartment they were in a drawer.
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