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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wreath evolution... from Halloween to Thanksgiving

I stumbled upon this little glitter sign at Hobby Lobby last night. It is made out of that cardboard/balsa wood stuff, and they were all a little broken. Mine has a fracture between the a and the n in thanks, but when it lays flat you can't see it. It is the perfect accent for my evolving holiday wreath.
First I cut the spider web off my Halloween wreath, and took the spider off.
Then I removed the green ribbon from the sign.
I had this clear, stretchy, jewelry string already, but you could use wire or fishing line, or hot glue to attach it too.
Thread the string through the vines, and around the letters then knot it.
The stretchy string is sort of hard to keep knotted, so you may need to double knot, or just pull really tight. I didn't trim the ends either, just tucked them under.
I tied it on everywhere a loop intercepted the wreath, in case one of my other knots failed.
TA DA! Pretty Cute for $3. I really, really want to paint my front door now though.
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