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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No more searching for the burned out lamp...

I just spent the weekend with WD's mom, grandmother, aunts, and cousins to make traditional Italian Christmas cookies and while we were there we helped grandmother decorate her tree. 
They know how into vintage things I am, so Grandma pulled out these amazing vintage Christmas lights from the 1950's.
These were the first Christmas lights to ever come out where each bulb burned independently. She told me how her father went downtown and bought them for $25. 
$25 would be an expensive box of Christmas lights now, much less in the 1950's, so you can imagine what a big deal these were. 

Incredible that they are still in their original box, and not only that- THEY STILL WORK!!
And although it made me nervous, we still put them on the tree. They do have to be attached a certain way though, because they get extremely hot. 

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