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Saturday, December 3, 2011


I like Christmas ornaments, but it is more important to me for my Christmas tree to be styled well, than to relive every memory I have on a tree. I feel this is not the ONLY WAY, but it is just my opinion for my house. I need everything to look magazine-y. This obsession can be impersonal to some people, but it's my tree, and I am the only one who has to like it!

These are a few of the ornaments on my tree right now, that are special and coordinate with my theme.
The bird cages are glittery and I bought them for my wedding, but couldn't find enough to use them. The National Championship ornament is from our trip to Arizona last January- WAR EAGLE! The 32710 is from my wedding. My middle school cheerleaders helped me make them, and we hand stamped 200 for my wedding favors. (That is the date of our wedding). The leaves are cast from Toomer's Oak Tree Leaves.... which sadly may never bloom again. Receiving this ornament from my in-laws made me cry because it makes me very sad my children may not be able to participate in the tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner. And finally the Peacock was a decoration in my wedding ceremony given to me as a gift from one of WD's precious aunts. It lives on a lamp year round because I love it so much!
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