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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Better than Christmas Morning!

My new sink, dishwasher, and cook top were installed today!!
Oh happy white white kitchen I love YOU!
Maybe you don't understand why it more exciting than Christmas morning around here, well let's take a quick journey down memory lane to appreciate just how far this kitchen has come!
Oh  yes, so as you can see, these new appliances are a BIG deal! Not only do I now own a diswasher that doesn't require me to competely clean my dishes before I put them in there, but I now have a cook top that allows me to use more than 1 eye/ burner all the time- not just on lucky days (I only had 1 really reliable burner before, the other 3 took turns working... I just had to turn them all on, and hope one turned red.)

But it was not ALL fun and games tonight... 
I was cleaning the aluminum filter from the vent hood in my new sink, and getting all the sticky gunk off, and then I lifted it up and realized my new sink was covered in little silver scratch marks. 
[insert hysterical crying... literally...]
After I had a total melt down, WD convinced me to go back and check it out, I mean surely its not THAT fragile of a surface that when you touch it with metal it scratches.
After a quick google search I learned
WHAT?!? How did I miss that- is that something I should have known? Turns out it is also the cause of many "scratch marks" on old plates. Okay so maybe all is not lost... it seems these marks are similar to a scuff mark, no permanent damage.
 I read to try baking soda and windex, white vinegar, ammonia... nothing.
THEN I TRIED BAR KEEPERS FRIEND- which had already been my friend when cleaning my glass cooktop in the apartment. 
(Notice I did not purchase a glass cooktop- NEVER AGAIN!!) FYI: Bar Keepers Friend was the ONLY thing that helped get the gunk off my cooktop- so I still had it in my cleaning arsenal. 
I squirted it on and let it set for about 1 minute....  
then miraculously it was healed!!! Good as NEW!
I felt it was incredible important to share this with anyone panicking over removing aluminum or metal scratches or scuff marks from a cast iron, porcelain sink, tub, or dishes. 
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