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Monday, April 2, 2012

New Orleans Architecture Tour

Most people think of the French Quarter, when they think of New Orleans architecture.

I love the historical and flamboyant style of the shotgun houses in uptown too though. The gingerbread above the windows and doors, is fantastic- and original.
I took these next pictures while driving along St. Charles Avenue in the Garden District. (sorry we were in a moving vehicle)

The day before there was a huge inflatable slide in the front yard of this house for a child's birthday. Can you imagine growing up in a place like this, in a house with so much history,
Porches, Porches, Balconies & Porches! I love the porches and the big oak trees. It just makes me want to sip sweet tea, and play cards with the 'girls.'
This is the house I lived in when I was little, out in the suburbs. Most of the older suburbian houses (that haven't been torn down to build McMansions) look similar to this. The low roof line helps with the sweltering summers, very few have garages- carports are traditional, tall windows or french doors, and big old trees are appreciated- shade is a very valuable thing. 
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