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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kitchen Renovation for less than $2500

So the budget on this project was pretty tight. WD and I are currently re-taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, which empowered us to save enough money to pay cash for our kitchen renovation!!! Just to be honest, when we bought this house last July, I hoped if we saved for 3-5 years we might be able to make a few minor changes. But when we began to pray about being better stewards of our funds, God provided opportunities for us to save!
Just in case you missed the kitchen journey a few days ago, here it is again, so that you can appreciate how far we have come. 

Countertops- $58 (I only had to buy the sealants Envirotex and Polycrylic)

White Cast Iron Kholer Sink- $236 (Lowes)

Cooktop Stove- $251 (Lowes)

Samsung Refrigerator- $899 (Best Buy)

LG Dishwasher- $358 (floor model from Home Depot. Originally $719)

Installation- $400

9% sales tax $162 

Total Cost: $2364.18 

By the way, do you like the blue wall? Confession: it is Photoshopped, but I definitely think it is an improvement over the buttery beige it is now. 

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