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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Chandelier Saved

This was the chandelier over Kristen's dining room table. Nothing particularly horrible about it, just out of date, and not her style. So we decided to tweak it with paint. Since they just moved in, there were plenty of boxes around. I covered the table to save it from drips (cardboard works great, or a plastic drop cloth/ plastic picnic table cloth would have worked too).  
I used one of my flat, painting brushes with synthetic bristles for water coloring and the amazing MS metallic paint.
I first posted about this paint, when my mom refinished the chandelier in her kitchen. 
$6 jar of Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint.

Originally I was just going to tone down the gold in the middle and the little swirls. At first a glance the chandelier looked sort of iron-ish, but....
  As this photo with the flash shows, it had some major blue undertones that were really evident when the gold was painted. So we decided to just paint the whole thing bronze. 
I used the same jar of paint my mom used for her light and we were still only down about a forth of the container. This paint is the best budget lighting update ever. 
She also had this big letter P, that she said looked too "Sorority House."
So we painted that too! 

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