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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Distress Faux Finish

This table started off the red you see the paint sitting on. 
Remember my roommate from college who painted things red... creating the red room? 
She's decided she is over red now, since these table demanded ALL the attention in the room, they needed to be toned down. 
 Using some creamy oops paint, 2 coats covered surprisingly well.
 The tables already looked better, but now was a little too plain. 

Dip a side of a dry, flat brush in brown/ bronze paint. Then tap almost all of it off. Very lightly move the brush down the edges of the furniture as if the side of the brush is covered in sand paper. Touching as lightly as possible to see some paint. Change the pressure slightly as you move down the surface for a varied edge. If you mess up you can wipe with a wet paper towel quickly and try again.

Very quick and easy, and works with previously painted furniture, light wood, or non-wood without permanently changing the texture or lines of the furniture. 
I used Martha Stewart Living Metallic Paint to add the dark places, but any dark, water based paint could work.

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